First Munich Crowdfunding Competition

Event Details

In collaboration with the Komepetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft of the city of Munich and startnext

Application Phase (05/31/17 - 07/10/17)

Preparation Phase (07/15/17 – 09/30/17)

Funding Phase (10/02/17 – 11/19/17)

Election Party (11/19/17)

Further information:

ATTENTION! If the application via the homepage is not possible, please send this form to Applications submitted by July 10 | 23:59 by mail, we can accept.

In cooperation with the Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft der Stadt München

Urban spaces are constantly changing. Something new appears and then something old disappears to make room for something new again. We react to this urban space, claim it as our own, occupy it, meet up with others there and establish relationships with people and spaces. This is the inspiration behind Munich's first crowdfunding competition. We're looking for your project – anything connected to Munich's public spaces and environment, and their ever-changing face. Whether performance, music production, urban gardening, StreetArt, public participation projects or purely artistic – the sky's the limit when it comes to genre and format.

How would you like to leave your creative mark on Munich's urban space? Now's your chance! All you have to do is submit your project at

The contest is open to:

  • anybody involved in culture and art, artists of all kinds, associations, organisations, companies, students, alumni and general citizens
  • who are planning an artistic-cultural project, involving Munich's public spaces and environment, and which will be ready for implementation in 2018
  • and want to start a crowdfunding project on Startnext with a fund-raising goal of at least €5,000 up to a maximum of €15,000.

Prize money
The contest will distribute a total of €10,000 in prize money in the form of financial grants.
The grants will be split up in the following manner:
Campaign Prize
1st place: €3,000
2nd place: €2,000
3rd place: €1,000

Public Prize: €1,000

Jury Prize: up to €3,000


Cooperation partners



Double Road -Exhibition

Exhibition of the artists from Bangalore/India


Artist in Residence: Aline Brugel


homegrOWN #1  „Passage:Werk - Silke Witzsch“

Champion The Best

Urban Hip Hop Dance Battle


Music and art education project

Fleisch und Stein

Positionen zur Transformation der Stadt und Aneignung von städtischen Räumen 



2017 (7)

New media art exhibition

Double Road

Artists in Residence from Bangalore, India

Living Colors

Sound and Color Perfomance

I EXIST - to Rajasthan

Scenic concert


Award winners Munich Art Award "zwei:eins"

Double Road - Residency

Artists in Residence from Bangalore, India


Youth Orchestra Festival

2016 (10)

Theatre-Performance-Parcours with the production office MILK


Youth Orchestra Festival

Space Unfolding

Trondheim Voices & Asle Karstad with Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Everything is a Remix

Exhibition, installations & events


Street Culture Festival


Interactive exhibition of the Nemetschek-Stiftung


Children's and youth festival at Werksviertel Mitte

Funk the System

HipHop-Festival with shows, battles and more

Open Studios

The whiteBOX-artists present themselves

Hallway Party

Become a hallway sponsor at whiteBOX

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